A D   S A L E S

McKinney Boyd HS Ad Sales are a great way to offset the cost of your band fees!  The Ad Sales period runs until 8/10/2015, but do not wait!  Get started now!  Please the attached documents for additional information.  Questions can be sent to boydbandadsales@gmail.com.


Boyd Band Ad Sales Information
2015-2016 Business Ad Form



The ad sales period is well underway and there are only 41 days left to renew your protected ads!  All protected businesses must be contacted by June 30th, 2015.  If you do not renew your ad by that date, the business will be released and anyone at Boyd can contact that business and secure it for their club. 


  • In order to renew that business, you must SUBMIT THE COMPLETED BUSINESS AD FORM AND SIGNED CONTRACT TO THE PROGRAM MANAGER BY JUNE 30, 2015.  Do not wait until the last minute.  You will need to allow time for the business to submit the signed contract and payment to the Program Manager.


The Master Business List is attached.  There are two pages that band parents need to pay attention to.  The main page shows all businesses, both protected and unprotected (protected ads are highlighted in peach).  Please also refer to the “band” tab.  This is a complete list of ads sold by band parents. 


Some notes:


The main tab on the Master Business List shows all businesses who have been contacted in the past.  Please pay particular attention to the colors on this tab and refer to the key in the upper right corner of the MBL.  

  • Businesses in Peach:  These are protected until June 30, 2015.  Only the person who sold last year's ad may contact that business during the protected period.  

  • Businesses in Yellow:  These businesses have already been contacted by one of the clubs at Boyd and may not be contacted again by another club.

  • Businesses in Purple:  These businesses have said they will not be purchasing an ad and have requested that they are not contacted by any club.  

  • Businesses in White:  These businesses are open and available for you to contact!!!  This is a list of businesses that have purchased ads in the past, but did not purchase one last year.  Here is your opportunity!!!



  • Please contact the Program Manager AS SOON AS YOU MAKE CONTACT WITH A BUSINESS!  Please send an email to the Program Manager at BoydProgramManager@gmail.com.  The subject line should read: "(business status) - business name - BAND - student's name".  Doing this will greatly help the Program Manager ensure that you get credit for your hard work.

  • Do not wait to contact your protected businesses!  These are often the easiest ads to sell as they already know the value of their purchase.  


Attached is the Business Ad Form.  Please discard any previous copies of the form as this one includes the updated Program Manager’s address. 



Please complete the left column of the Business Ad Form with your contact information, student's name and "band".  You will not receive credit for your ad unless this section is completed!!!



Seniors and students not returning to band next year – we need to know what you want to do with your ad!  In the past, seniors have “willed” their ad to another student who will then take it over.  Please let us know as soon as possible who will be taking over your ad(s)! 


If you have any questions regarding ad sales, please contact adsales@boydband.com.  Your questions will be answered by Kathleen Zavatti, who will be the new Ad Sales coordinator for Boyd Band. 



Happy Selling!!!

Faye Hodgin


Boyd Band