J O I N   T H E   B O Y D   B A N D

Marching Band


Everyone in the band program is automatically a member of the marching band and will have the opportunity to earn a spot in next year’s show! The marching band performs at all varsity football games and takes part in three to four marching band contests each season.


  • You earn a grade as well as Fine Arts, PE and elective credits for participation.

  • You can also earn your Varsity Letter Jacket in band!


Jazz Band


The Jazz Band is open to students who are currently enrolled in a band at the middle school or high school level. Placement in the jazz band is by audition and is in addition to Concert and Marching Band.


Color Guard


Our award winning Color Guard is made up of musicians and non-musicians. Membership to the color guard is by audition only and is open to non-band members only. The purpose of color guard is to provide visual and musical color along with overall general effect to marching shows in the marching band. During the fall, the color guard performs with the High School Marching Band during halftime in football games and various competitions around the State of Texas. The color guard are the dancers on the field, the gorgeous color in the show, and the essence of visual beauty. The guard uses many types of equipment, including flags, sabers, and props. The ladies also wear elaborate costumes for the shows the band performs. The guard is heavily dance oriented and uses several varieties of dance, including ballet, jazz, and modern styles. Go to www.boydguard.org for more information about auditions.



Letter from Mr. Treadwell


Dear Parents:


I feel honored to be the Head Band Director for McKinney Boyd High School! The McKinney district is well known for excellence in education, and I know that parent support has been an essential ingredient of that excellence. In order for the MBHS Band to reach its full potential, parent volunteer support will be needed. There will be a variety of opportunities for you to become involved at whatever level you feel comfortable.The most important reason for your son or daughter to participate in the high school band program is that the peer group will be very positive. The kids in the band program are from families, just like yours, in which the parents have an active role in the student’s development. The fact that parents will in some way be a part of every band activity means that somebody’s mom or dad will be on hand to encourage students to make good choices. The mere presence of parents tends to provide a tremendously positive influence on student behavior! Some of the areas where parent help will always be needed will be the following:

  • Uniforms – organizing, measuring students, and issuing uniforms

  • Fundraising – ideas and mobilization of fundraising events

  • Chaperones – parent supervision of events off campus

  • Hospitality – help with the serving and organization of meals for various events

  • Equipment – help with the moving and loading of equipment for various performances. This means you Dads!

  • Fund Raising – selecting events and organizing implementation

  • Publicity – take pictures, videos, help create archives to document the start upprocess and our progress


Additional committees may be needed, but these are among to most crucial. The continued success of the McKinney Boyd Band depends not only on your support but also on the unity of purpose between staff and the parent volunteers. The potential for success seems tremendous, and the opportunity ahead of us should provide great friendships and experiences we can cherish for a lifetime! I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you in the near future.



Travis Treadwell



Join the McKinney Boyd High School Band

Frequently Asked Questions about high school band.....


1. Can my child handle marching band and academics?


Yes. Marching season builds not only a great work ethic but great time management skills. Marching band is definitely a time commitment but the rewards and skills learned are many and life long. The average band student will maintain a higher grade point average during marching season than at any other time of the year. It is at the end of marching season when you must be very careful. Students suddenly end up with agreat deal of extra time on their hands and tend not to use it wisely. Seek out a parent of an older band student to gain valuable insight into the management of marching band, academics and time Remember…band students are among the highest academic achievers at McKinney Boyd High School!


2. Can I do band and athletics?


Yes. The coaching and band staffs work very well together to accommodate students and most school activities. There are a number of band students who are involved in athletic sports like figure skating volleyball, baseball, wrestling, tennis, lacrosse, soccer, softball, bowling, track and cross country. Coordination, communication and flexibility are necessary to make this work. Don’t forget that marching band does fulfill you P.E. credit!


3. Is marching band physically challenging?


Yes. Marching band is physically challenging and you will sweat. However you need no prior experience to learn. The act of learning to march can be physically awkward in the beginning but becomes a more natural physical activity over time. Remember…every ninth grader will be starting with the same level of experience and knowledge and will have the same reservations that you do.


4. Does my student have to be in marching band?


Yes. Our curriculum does not include a performing group for non-marchers in the Fall semester. All students will have the opportunity to participate at some level with the exception of some band students whoparticipate with Fall semester sports that directly conflict with the band schedule. We will work with you!


5. What kind of commitment is my student making for marching band?


In order to march in the fall show (“show” is the term the band uses for the performance at half-time on Friday night), a student must participate in the following:


  • August band camp held at Boyd High School

  • Marching band practice during school on Mondays 5:15 PM, Tuesdays 5:15 PM, Thursdays 5:15 PM and Fridays 7:00 AM during marching season.

  • Students must also be enrolled in band class during school. In addition to performing half-time at the football games, marching band members participate in at least 3 all day competitions each fall. Report times for band events vary and will be announced to the students as the season continues. Log on to www.boydband.org for more information on times and dates as the season progresses!


6. What kind of commitment am I making?


Boyd HS Band Boosters are ALWAYS in need of volunteers! If you have not registered on our website, please do so right now. The site also has lots of volunteer and contact information. You can contact any board member from our website and send them an e-mail.


7. How much money does it cost to be in the band?


That depends on the level of participation of your student. Each student is required to purchase band shoes, a band shirt, a flip folder and a few other supplies. There is a fee to cover expenses not paid for by MISD. We are conscientious of your money and keep our costs down as much as possible. You must also purchase or rent a quality instrument to play in the band. Some instruments like the euphonium, tuba, French Horn, oboe, bassoon, percussion and others are rented from the school for $100 per concert instrument and $50 per marching instrument, per year. Many expenses associated with supplies and uniform accessories will be one time purchases.


8. Can we raise money for fees or band trips?


In order to offset your band fees, we do offer a few fund-raisers throughout the year that can be applied to your band trip or fees.


9. Are students required to attend all events?


Students are required to attend all events on the band calendar that pertain to them. In some instances academic eligibility will not allow students to attend some events. We make every effort to inform parentsabout all band activities. Please make sure to utilize our web site www.boydband.org


10. Does my student need to audition to be in band?


Band members only need to sign up for band class on their class selection sheet to be “in”! Students will be placed in one of the 3 bands based on auditions with the high school band directors.


11. Who will help my freshman student?


Each section has a student section leader to help the section members learn. They will be on hand to work with your student and make them feel welcome. They will also be assigned an upper class mentor.


12. Who should I contact if I have questions?


Start with Mr. Treadwell at ttreadwell@mckinneyisd.net.


So what do we do now?

  • Watch the practices when you get a chance.

  • Support your child.

  • Participate in our fund-raisers!

  • Get ready for an exciting 4 years as a Boyd HS Band parent!


The McKinney Boyd Bronco Band will be one of the largest organizationson the MBHS campus in the coming school year! The Bronco Band is already an award winning band program and is among the very best band programs in Texas. Students must be currently enrolled in band at the middle school level to be considered for high school band.


Concert Bands


The concert bands give a variety of concert and contest performances each year performing in many wonderful concert halls. The concert bands also travel each spring on a three to four night contest trip to a different destination each year. Future destinations to be selected from: San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Orlando, Chicago and New York City.