S T E P   U P   I N S T R U M E N T S


Below is a list of recommended advanced instruments. In most cases, the beginner instruments are adequate for the middle school bands however higher quality instruments enable all students to learn more quickly and with greater ease. While there are several brands and models of advanced instruments those listed are our recommendations:


Flute – Mizazawa 95SR, Miyazawa (Lyric 2 model), Yamaha models 584 or 684 -H, Haynes AF800BOF Eastman 900


Clarinet – Buffet R-13


Alto Saxophone – Selmer SA-80 Series 2, Yamaha YAS875EXII, Yamaha AS82ZII


Trumpet – Bach Stradivarius LT180S37, Eastman ETR821S, Yamaha Xeno


Trombone – Edwards, Getzen Custom 3047 AFR, Conn 88H, Bach 42BO, Bach 42 T, Eastman ETB634G, Schmidt w/F attachment


Always consult a director prior to any purchase. Remember, many music stores will only repair instruments that they themselves sell. Beware of instruments sold from stores not specializing in the sale or rental of instruments.