V O LU N T E E R    I N F O



All volunteers must also fill out a volunteer application for the district. Please click on the link below and fill required by MISD and must be done if you would like to volunteer in the district. This must be done once a year. If you have any questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator at boydbandvolunteers@gmail.com


MISD Volunteer Application

Please allow two to three weeks to process your application. See the site above for all details regarding volunteering in McKinney ISD


Please send approved MISD volunteer clearance emails before you sign up to volunteer.  Please forward them to Boydbandvolunteers@gmail.com


If needed, use this link to get started:   


Note: Do not fill out a volunteer request or background check until AFTER June 1st. That is when the system will start accepting new requests for next year.



Boyd Band Official Volunteer T-Shirts:


Open to all parents or guardians who volunteer for the Boyd Band ONLY.  The Boyd Band Official Volunteer Red  T-Shirts must be worn by volunteers riding the buses, chaperoning events, working pit, field crew or any other time a parent or guardian chooses to volunteer in ANY capacity as a Volunteer for the Boyd Band. 


*** You will be able to order any of the 3 choices of the Boyd Band Volunteer "Official Volunteer" Red T-Shirt at any time but you will not receive your shirt until the required background check is turned into boydbandvolunteers@gmail.com. 


Upon receipt of the background check your shirt will be delivered to you.


Background check forms can be found on the MISD website.  DO NOT FILL THE BACKGROUND CHECK FORM OUT UNTIL  AFTER THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE 1st, 2021.***


Please note: last year's Boyd Band Volunteer "Road Crew" shirt is NOT approved to wear while volunteering with the Boyd Band in any capacity.